FUJITECH INC. is a company of the professional team to develop and design the small engine.

motorcycle wireframe
FUJITECH INC can offer the engine design speedy not only for the motorcycle engines also for the small engines such as generators and lawn mower used to the enviroment and needs.
FUJITECH INC established the technology of engine that can be operated with LPG or CNG which becomes alternate fuel gasoline.
FUJITECH INC established the technology of corresponded to exhaust emissions regulations of every countries in the world and have equipment for this technology.
FUJITECH INC also established the other technology of corresponded customer's request such as improvement of the engine performance and reduction of the engine noise etc.

<FUJITECH INC's Main Business>

engine parts

FUJITECH INC also can design various parts make use of our technology and experience.
Also we can supply main engine parts that manufacture by our cooperate parts maker.
If you request us, we can design and supply the parts with maker such as casting parts/machined parts of aluminium and iron, molded parts of gum and resin.
FUJITECH INC can manufacture the parts by your 3D-data surely. FUJITECH INC also can offer only the 3D-data if you request us.

FUJITECH INC can consult for the design of fuel tank, fender etc of pressed parts for the motorcycle and development, supplying of the dies.