We are working on engine design, engine performance test and engine performance analysis.
We have many experience to develop from small engine such as lawn mower to large engine (1200cc).
<for example of our design case>
* Manual Clutch Engine for motorcycle
* CVT Engine for scooter
* 4WD CVT Engine for ATV
* Auto Clutch Engine for vehicle
* Engine equipped with mechanical governor for generator etc...

We also can design various parts make use of our technology and experience.
Also we can supply main engine parts that manufacture by our cooperate parts maker.
If you request us, we can design and supply the parts with maker such as casting parts/machined parts of aluminium and iron, molded parts of gum and resin.
We can manufacture the parts by your 3D-data surely. We also can offer only the 3D-data if you request us.

If you are interest in our business, please contact us from here.