Engine Design

We offer the engine design for motorcycle maker in the world.
We offer not only for the motorcycle engines also for the small engines such as generators and lawn mower.

<for example of our design case>
* Manual Clutch Engine for motorcycle
* CVT Engine for scooter
* 4WD CVT Engine for ATV
* Auto Clutch Engine for vehicle
* Engine equipped with mechanical governor for generator etc...

Also we offer the improvement of the engine using software of combusion analysis and the testing equipment such as Engine Dynamometer or Exhaust gas Analyzer etc.

We can design and supply the engine parts that Casting/Machined parts and Molded parts etc...

If you are interest in this business, please contact us from here.


<Engine Model by 3D-CAD>

We design a compact enjine allows
optimal placement of each engine parts.

<Optimized Piston Model by 3D-CAD>

We design engine parts of our ideal weight and strength.